You're not going to believe this...

But we're back in the hospital.


Rowan had a temperature this morning (we got 101.6 in the ear, 100.8 under the arm), so we had to go to St. Joseph's Children's hospital in Tampa. That was one o'clock; now, at 7:00, we find ourselves checked into another pediatric oncology office. This is all precautionary, as her fever has completely gone away. Still, she'll receive 24 hours of antibiotics. We're praying that she'll be released tomorrow- but she might have to remain in the hospital until Wednesday. We'll know more tomorrow morning after the attending doctor does rounds. Once again, we're waiting to find out how long we have to wait.

Sigh. Mother-F@#kin' Sigh.


jenny said...

We're with you all. Keep hanging on.

Claffey said...