B-Day Experience

With the help of some new friends (Marley and Henry), Rowan celebrated her first B-Day. The highlight of the party was the cake. It went something like this:

Rowan inspects the cake

Rowan tastes the cake

Rowan approves of the cake

Rowan takes a minute to consider whether the professionalization of Olympic sports should detract from Phelp's remarkable performance at the 2008 summer games

Rowan enjoys her cake

Rowan ponders what she hath wrought

Not Pictured: the impending sugar rush which kept us partying until 9:45 that night.


Meredith said...

My favorite is the hand in the air. It's as if she has just been asked, "Hey! Who likes their birthday cake? Raise your frosted baby hand!"

EnthyAlias said...

Perfect 1st birthday pics!! And, Meg, great cake. And I'd have to add my own observation on the raised hand pic: very Ciceronian. Good girl speaking well. :)

Mary Ann Quinn -Smith said...

Awwwwww...!! So cute, kinda like the spaghetti pics only more colorful....!!! You have to know Marc there are exactly 2 types of people...Ones who LOVE kids especially cute babies, they are usually friendly, easy going, kind and generous souls....then there are the kind of people who at an early stage in life sat on a broomstick and never quite got off it...WHO CARES ABOUT THEM?
That page of shirt sales was just the tip of the iceberg looks like they have a hundred more products all meant to make money at the sad circumstances of someone else's hardship .......I wouldn't give them a nickle....!!! ( but some shirts were kinda original )...do you winch everytime I use that word kinda? It is so part of our vocabulary today..Maybe it will show up in Websters soon....

Meg...did you bake those cakes? I always saw them and wanted a few...but I am afraid I do not need them....Enjoy your time with Rowan....God Bless

mcsant said...

I did make the cakes.

anna said...

So, so cute :-)