In a Holding Pattern

Tropical storm Kay has come and gone... we think. Actually, we're not really sure- it wasn't much of a storm to speak of. Rowan's first treatment got pushed back to Wednesday thanks to the state of (non)-emergency declaration, so we're spending a day hotel bound in Miami. Chances are we'll take a trip out to Walmart to buy a board game or something later today. No need to worry.

Rowan has really got walking down- this morning she did lap after lap around the breakfast area. Some of the other patrons found this amusing ("oh, what a cute baby"). Some found this annoying ("why don't her parents put a leash on her"). I'm finding it quite easy to determine type A from B.

On a side note, we're a big fan of these products, though we're still debating between the subtle "I'm making cancer my bitch" and the more direct "fuck cancer" as the more appropriate onesie. These are the decisions that help pass a rainy day.

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