Tuesday Update

Good news: Rowan's right eye is completely clear. And Dr. Murray assures us that even if a tumor does appear, he'll catch it early enough that it will never interrupt her vision.

The bad news is as bad as we were expecting- which in this case is good. Her left eye will have to be removed. She will undergo chemotheraphy for the next three months, then they will remove the eye. The chemo isolates the tumor and makes it easier and safer to remove. It also is a proactive way of ensuring that the cancer does not spread.

Today Rowan will undergo minor surgery to insert a port for chemo. She's also getting a lumbar puncture and bone marrow treatment (either today or Friday- they tend to hit you with a lot of information at once at these places).

We will be in Miami until Saturday. The best news at this point is: Dr. Murray has a 99% survival rate. We are in good hands.


Trish said...

Way to go Rowan! That's showing you how to handle this crappy diagonises.
I'm so proud of your parents - Meg and Marc - your have been hit with this between the eyes and you come back with fighting with your intelligence, grace and humor.
I will dance at Rowan's graduation and wedding and evey single one of her accomplishments. Of course - you've seen me dance - not a pretty sight, but I will be rejoicing in the fact that I have a beautiful grand-niece and that I am grateful to be a part of her life - seeing her grow and thrive.
Thank you Dr. Murray!
Love to you all and know how much we are all sending love and positive energy your way....(prayers too!)
Auntie Trish

Mary Ann Quinn -Smith said...

Hi Meg & Marc...from Aunt Mary Ann & Uncle Mike....My heart goes out to you....Dave & Helen & Phil & Lynn also are praying for litte Rowan....I am sure with all the wonderful discoveries and medicines available today Rowan will lead a wonderful life after her treatments....What an ironic occurance that she would learn a life skill at such a piviotal stage in her life....Obviously she was destined to enter life with a promise of a wonderful future to have so much going on at such a young age....And you.... Doctor Marc...how wonderful, congratultions, Your grandparents would have been so proud...Charlie always bragged about you and turned out he was right...!!! Is it University of Southern Florida?
How you and Meg will enjoy raising Rowan in the sunshine...not months of overcast, and taking her to the beACH WHEN SHE GETS WELL....!!!
Mike and I will be heading back to Jacksonville in November...We will
probably not get to see you this year but maybe next....Both of you keep your strenght and Smile for Rowan so she learns to smile also in the face of adversity.....Your sense of humor and your faith will carry you through...Love, Mike & Mary Ann