Wednesday Update

Change in plans: pediatric oncology had to reschedule Rowan's appointment until Monday morning, so we're back in Riverview for a few days. She is in an absolutely fabulous mood- laughing, playing, walking. We'll try to put up some video or something this weekend. Although we're anxious to begin treatment, we're happy to have a few more days with her while she's healthy and active.

Thanks again to everyone for the words and wishes- we appreciate it! Mary Ann: I am at USF teaching rhetoric and writing for the English department. While I'm sure Doc would be proud, he'd also probably complain about how little English profs get paid!


Katherine said...

Hey Marc. We were so happy to hear that Rowan's right eye is clear. Once all this is over and Rowan has recovered from the chemo and the enucleation we want to find some way to see you guys... either you all come up to Ohio or we come down there. Miss Vivian misses her BFF like crazy.

EnthyAlias said...

Enjoy this weekend with your little girl, celebrating her first year. Luckily she's too young to know what's in store, so she'll act like nothing's happening. Maybe you'll be able to do the same. :)