15 Minutes of Fame

For those that didn't know, we initially discovered Rowan's tumor thanks to a mum in England through one of Megan's baby groups. Proof that the internet isn't just porn and piracy. Anywho, the story has been picked up by many of the bigger news outlets in Great Britain including The Manchester Evening News and BBC news. We're hoping that the press coverage can inform other parents and friends to be alert for white pupils. Although this only afflicts 250 babies a year, it is something that everyone can be on the lookout for.


imolloy said...

But Megan has a lot of explaining about who this "David" fellow is...

EnthyAlias said...

Wow. I didn't know this was how the diagnosis came about. What an amazing story! And hearing Meg's voice over the BBC video brought tears to my eyes all over again. I'm glad Rowan's feeling better.

Although, the BBC got the timing wrong, right? Madeleine caught the white reflection in earlier photos of Rowan, because she was already diagnosed at her birthday. So, aside from outing Meg's secret second husband, at least the local Manchester paper proved more accurate.

Now how long before one of the US news services pick this up? You might want to get ready for your close-ups, kids. Seriously, keep any eye out for Stone Phillips knocking at your door.

Shawna said...

I'm hoping for Oprah!

Seriously, though, we are thinking about you, Megan, and Rowan.

Casey said...

Boy am I glad I didn't convince you to start hating computers a few years ago -- turns out you were definitely right about how awesome the internet is.

Hope things are going as well as they can.

(P.S. -- have you read Rowan The Apology yet for a bedtime story?)

James said...

Actually I saw the story about your little girl when I was in Houston three days after my daughter, Gracie's diagnosis of bilateral retinoblastoma. It is great that you are helping others understand more about this terrible disease.
My family and I wish you all the very best.