Once Upon a Time...

I thought nothing could be better than rewinding and pausing live television. Hallelujah technology, for finally conquering the tyranny of linear time.

Now, through a student, I have discovered Last.fm. All the randomness and excitement of discovery that comes with a radio station completely equipped with a skip track button. Now I can fastforward time, reclaiming minutes that would have been otherwise wasted on trite radio. Mu'wa-ha-ha-ha.

Being and time my ass.


Floyd the Barber said...

Not that it really has much to do with your post but I was wondering if you saw the #8 Sex Cannon was back in action on Sunday. Almost makes me want to start blogging again.

Insignificant Wrangler said...

I did see good ole Rex. I saw him stink it up, and then listened to the national broadcasters laud his performance.

The worst thing that can happen to the Bears is for Rex to play well. Orton has been distributing the ball really well-- I hope Rex doesn't complete a couple of bombs to inspire a "need a deep ball quarterback argument"