O.k., now you can say it

The early yesterday, I posted a comment over at mxrk applying the logic of the baseball gods to a premature discussion of victory. Here's those rules:

  1. Do not say the words no hitter after the 4th inning. Do not use any semantic expression concerned with the concepts of "no" and "hit." You are not allowed to make such expression until the game is over.
  2. Never, never, say the words "We got this one in the bag." Always grant the baseball Gods the gift of the probable--"wow, we might win this one." The baseball gods listen for certainty. They live to crush your certitude.
  3. Never, never, never say "that guy's going to be good for a long time." The baseball gods will mock your pretentiousness. This is also called the "Mark Prior / Kerry Wood" commandment.

That was a great no-hitter last night: all game long he hit the corners and challenged the middle (and that's WSJ people) when he had to. He wasn't afraid to throw up and in. Just look at the nasty break on this two-seamer:

“I think it’s good that Sen. McCain is celebrating the American worker today, but it would have been nice if he stood up for them over the last twenty-six years,” Obama said.

Just explodes down and in.

It was a hard earned victory and I think this guy could be good for a long time so long as his teammates keep their eye on the ball.


EnthyAlias said...

Are you the same Santos I met in 2003? The elitist with a penchant for defending reddish capitalist ideas?

You look good in purple, man. You truly do. :)

Insignificant Wrangler said...

Economically, I think I'm still "an elitist." It takes free-floating capital at the top to invest in new ventures etc. to create jobs.

But over the last five years (as I have used technology) I see two flaws with traditional trickle down: companies are investing floating capital overseas, and the ventures we need to be investing in are green technology. Republicans don't see this, or if they do, they don't talk about it.

I was initially voting for O cause he supported digital technology. Good. And because, since moving to Indiana, I've learned that being Red in Massachusetts and being Red in Indiana are very, very different things. As in: "homosexuals are people too" things.

When Obama, in the third debate, suggested that to fix our economy we become a worldwide leader in green technology my heart sang. I fell in love. Yup, I was persuaded.