Hee hee hee

Woman outside of voting place: Would you like some literature on question 2?

Me: Sure, what is question 2 about?

Woman outside of voting place: Well, question two supports our traditional family structure.

Me: Oh, so that means that its against gay marriage

Woman outside of voting place: Yes, but its important for us to amend the constitution to protect our morals.

Me: Yes, o.k., but I don't think my husband would like that bill.

I admit, sometimes being a practicing deconstructionist is fun.


Meredith said...


You are awesome.

Tell M. to let us know about this weekend.

Mxrk said...

You've got to start thinking for yourself. Your husband can't make all your decisions for you.

Casey said...

Wow -- quick, Santos. I'd have expected you to go into a discourse about "the relationship between the Face and the O/other" with the woman.

Well done!


Monica said...

That's awesome. I actually had a student a couple of weeks ago (not in my class) email me and ask if she could come to my class and "take ten minutes of class time to teach the students how they can protect marriage" (in other words, try to get them to vote Yes on Prop 8 to ban gay marriage). I was appalled, to say the least, and read her the riot act via email. But I wish I had been clever enough to invoke my wife or girlfriend in the email. So quick-witted you are.