Why Am I Writing This?

Things to do:

  • Prospectus: Progress: 99% Yes, finally, I have a 27 page revised document. Hoo-rah. The one precent remaining? I wrote the document in NeoOffice but am running into some formatting issues. So,I'm going to reformat the document in Microsoft Word before I send it out to my committee. Had meeting with chair, sent out some material to committee for review. I'm at 22 pages (30 page max). Running out of room, but making some great connections.
  • Progress: DONE: Design project parameters for Zen Garden project for multimedia writing class
  • Grade second project for multimedia writing class
  • Upload New Website: Progress: DONE: Got the base files up for marccsantos.com. It still needs some work, particularly a conditional comment CSS file for IE users. But, for now, screw IE users. I have to consider them when I create professional, organizational, and pedagogical pages. But this is my page, and, for now at least, it plays by my rules.
  • "Revise" (add content, fix content, recode content) teaching portfolio for new website
  • Write CCCC's RNF handout (based on prospectus, see first bullet)
  • Progress: 80% done,Finish XHTML coding of Levinas website
  • Finish redesign of Levinas website
  • Post constitution and meeting minutes to Gradsea website
  • Write advanced XHTML and CSS chapters for pet project
  • Begin copyedit of new media book (title escapes me) for Parlor Press
  • Make contribution to COIN network
  • Finish Firework's handout for OWL
  • Finish Moviemaker tutorial with reflection for Kairos and ICAP instructor showcase
  • Draft TLT presentation. Progress: 50%

Sigh. No more posting for me until this list is complete--I'll link to things as they are finished.

Unfortunately, I have even more things to add to the list, Intro Writing Committee work and other such fun-ities.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I thought I was crazy for making to-do-lists...you're posting them publicly.

Anyways, I've added you to the links on the Tr-th cave so we'll have stuff to talk about at Subway.