Oh yeah, that's progress

Got the new North American Levinas Society up and running, still needs some beta testing and some proofing, but I'm pretty pleased.


I used some pretty cool Fireworks techniques (when I launched this blog it was to publish tutorial work... that seems like a long time ago) on the dove, providing it some red highlights and glow. Lot of work for something that only I will ever notice.

Got the layout technique from an article in A List Apart. Pretty easy to follow and corrects a problem I run into on my new homepage: --how to make a flexible, two-column layout with the sidebar running the length of the content section. The solution? Essentially, make the border of the content section the same color as the siderbar, then float the sidebar into the exact position of the border. Pretty easy to do. Unlike my homepage, however, I can't use any background-images or even borders for the sidebar. Hopefully, the next-gen browsers will fully support the border-image property.

Spent an hour reviewing the W3C assessibility requirements. God they have to make those more friendly to non-programmers-- I'm pretty handy with computers and whole blocks of that document read like ancient Greek to me. While I'm pretty sure my site passes as the highest level of accessibility, I just gave up.

Have a meeting Friday to move the Levinas site to its permanent address (http://www.levinas-society.org).

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