Poirot Takes the Case

I awoke this morning to a terrible scene:

Chaos in the living room, one sofa cushion down

Immediately I took a quick survey of the damage:

Pieces of cushion strewn across the floor

I conjured the spirit of my favorite Belgium detective... he immediately instructed me to locate the origin of the crime:

The missing cushion

Next, I investigated the body of the victim. The injuries were severe. It seems the killer, or killers, took pleasure in their work.

the poor cushion--missing its bottom third

With a sleuth's eye, I took a quick look around at the suspects:

  1. Molly, guilty lab hiding behind the sofa, unwilling to look anyone in the eye. Despite her seemingly innocent look, she makes a living chewing everything in sight... (yesh... dat's profiling dads, ish not good")
    Molly, the ring leader?
  2. Zizek, the usual suspect, brazenly returning to the scene of the crime, a piece of cushion under his paw. As a puppy, he was nicknamed "The-Destroyer-of-All-Things," had he returned to the days of his youth? (ya, I make da cushion perfect, no? Now it is more German?)
    Zizek, the usual suspect?
  3. Tree, who knew anything about this strange house guest? Had she chewed before? Had the Santos' unwittingly invited a murdered into their midst? (Don't yet have a "voice" for Tree... adding to her mystery...)
    Tree, the mysterious stranger?

My instincts told me the truth would "emerge" in time... no dog can hold it forever, and when nature's duty called, the Poirot in me would be there, checking for traces of cushion...stay tuned


Emily said...

Good to see you approached this with humor. Just wait until baby Santos arrives; these little antic won't be nearly so, um, cute and tolerable.

If I woke up to find that in my house... well, I'm sure Meg has shared my displeasure with the dogs actions and whining since J came home, so you can see where this is heading.

And if you can't it would involve the dogs heads, sharpened sticks and a very clear message being conveyed from my front yard.

mcsant said...

I don't know...with the humor it is actually really funny. I am crying a little from laughing. I don't think we need to do much investigation though...Hot date night at Joann's for some new upholstery foam. I can't wait!

Casey said...

I blame this on Tree.