CSS and Background Images

A couple of posts back I talked about the resume project my students have been working on--today we created a new style sheet for it using a background-image technique I first learned from Karl Stolley as a member of his sustainable web design group last year. The workshop went well, and now those resume's look's quite different. I've ran into a few padding issues between Firefox for PC and Safari. Don't bother looking at it IE (yet--I'm not going to cover conditional comments until a few projects from now).

Up next for my class, the Zen Garden--I'm excited for this project. I am only going to look at the projects in FF/PC, so that should allow my class to get into one design (rather than having to worry about cross-browser compatibility, I'm not tackling this until their service learning project).

I've written up the first four of the six sections of my Web Standards for Professional Writing project--its at 35 pages single spaced without most of the background images. Up nex for XHTMLt: definition lists, classes, spans, and images; for CSS parent and child selectors (to go with Zen Garden), floats, and using small background images to create texture (Karl does this on his homepage, I do it as well--this one I figured out by myself! Its nice to see that I "naturally" came to do something similar to what my original standards-mentor does... what's that thing about great minds?)

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