Trip to the Library

I went to find three books. One of which, Alex Reid's The Two Virtuals, was lost. Of course, I walked out with a stack (listed in the order they appear on my shelf):

  • Derrida, Politics of Friendship
  • Derrida, Psyche / Inventions of the Other (one of the books I originally went to the lib for)
  • Moore, The Internet Weather: Balancing Continuous Change and Constant Truth
  • Mosco, The Digital Sublime
  • Sconce, Haunted Media
  • Poster, The Second Media Age
  • Purves, The Web of Text and the Web of God
  • O'Donnell, The Avatars of the Word
  • Eriksen, The Tyranny of the Moment
  • Keren, Blogosphere
  • Levy, CyberCulture
  • OCLC, Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World
  • Galloway and Thacker, The Exploit: a Theory of Networks (the other book I initially needed)

When I first arrived at USF, MZ told me about this "to your desk" service the library offers: essentially, fill out a web form and someone will bring the book to your office and place it on your desk. This seemed like a great idea. But stumbling through the stacks this morning, breezing through introductions, flipping through bibliographies, I remembered how much I love rummaging in the stacks.

I don't love carrying a pile of 13 books from the library to Cooper Hall, even if the building are right next to each other. Its Florida. Its hot. Its humid. And I will use that little service to help track down Reid's book.

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