For Your Viewing Pleasure

Rowan's story will be featured on Inside Edition Friday night. Megan and I are fairly confident that we're not made for TV, so we're hoping to come out of this looking like semi-capable parents.

Here's a link to find when the show will be on in your area.


We just found out that Rowan's segment will be on Monday's Inside Edition, not Friday nights.

Carry on.


EnthyAlias said...

IE airs here in the middle of day, when I'm teaching, so I missed the episode. Let me know if it ever pops up anywhere online so I can catch it.

I must say, man, it was weird to see a picture of you on the IE website - with your name misspelled. Sorry about that, David. :)

Casey said...

I saw it. Kinda awesome. Hope Rowan's doing great -- did you teach her "Row Row Row your boat" yet?

Casey said...

By the way, I hope you're watching Fringe, despite your busy-ness factor these days...

If you are, and if you read the time and date (occuring before the first airing of week 2's episode) of my comment about "Row Row Row your boat," feel free to apologize for ever thinking me anything other than a prophet... but don't ask me to explain how it all works.

"Row row row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but..."

Well, and so on. ;)