Good Deal... Two Months Ago

Every sportscaster from Boston to Beijing is telling me I should be estactic over the Celtics move to acquire Kevin Garnett. And, as a fan who hasn't sniffed relevancy in a few years, I am. But someone explain this to me. Here's what Garnett cost before this year's draft:

  • First-round draft pick (#5 overall)
  • Al Jefferson

As I wrote back then, a very reasonable deal. Here's what Garnett's going to cost us if the deal is completed as reported:

  • Al Jefferson
  • Gerald Green
  • Ryan Gomes
  • Theo Ratliff
  • Sebastian Telfair
  • Two future first round picks

Um... I understand the two first round picks since a team with the nucleus of Pierce, Allen, and Garnett should finish pretty high in the standings--those picks aren't going to be lottery picks. I understand why Minnesota would want Ratliff, since his large, expiring contract is perfect for a team openly rebuilding. Jefferson is the best young talented player on the C's roster. Fair.

But it begins to get a bit insane (read: Herschel Walker, Ricky Williams) when you add Green and Gomes--both of whom, if memory serves, are first round picks. And both showed solid progress that season--Green averaged over 10 points, coming on late in the season; Gomes averaged 12 points and 6 boards. Its Gomes for me that really pushes this over the edge--I mean, don't you have to start five players (not, as the Celtics seem to assume, 3)?

KG is great, and assuming three 30+ year olds can stay healthy for 82+, the Celtics become an instant favorite in the East, who hasn't seen an inside presence as dominant as KG since the first time Shaq played in Florida (yes, I'll go on record, Shaq in Miami is among the most overrated athletes ever). But the Celtics are trading away a young, and with exception of Telfair, solid starting five for one player who hasn't committed to a long-term deal. I am a Bostonian. I understand the win now mentality. But don't we have to at least think of the future?

Respected Boston columnist Bill Simmons (who's consistently entertaing, BTW), disagrees with me as to the "talent level" of some of these "young stars." Go Boston. Go relevancy. Go not sucking for another year. Kevin Garnett just might walk through that door.