I saw the new Transformers movie. The special effects are outstanding--without question the best CGI I have ever seen. When I walked out to the parking lot, I thought my car was going to become a 50' robot. Became immensly disappointed half way home.

Actually, the autobots and decepticons look so good, that I think the movie will look much better in HD. Non computer generated things didn't have a high enough resolution on the big screen-they looked a bit too blurry.

The acting and the dialogue isn't bad, but gets repetitive and predictable. It seems at a few times that they thought I wanted to see a budding teen romance rather than 50' tall robots. Mistake. Give me the robots, please.

Overall, the movie was definately worth the price of admission. A few good goosebump moments. All set for a sequel.


Casey said...

Remember the knock-off brand of shape-changing vehicle: "Robotics?" Those sucked. I love the title of this post.

The happiest moment of my life (I haven't been married yet, or had any children) was receiving Optimus Prime for my 10th birthday... truly transcendental.

Anonymous said...

You GOT Optimus Prime??? I only ever got the free, shitty ones that came in Value Meals at McDonalds.

Wishydig said...

What about the Gobots?

I had an Armitron watch that unfolded into a watch with arms and legs. that sucked.

And you've been tagged.

Jon Sealy said...

Gobots were where it was at.

Mxrk said...