Victory is Mine!

Working from Dr. B's tracking of daily accomplishments, and an appreciation for Stewie's rally cry, I hope to post celebrations of my greatness (this should provide a bit of motivation to complete mundane tasks that would otherwise go undone). I hope others in my local community grab hold to this little trend.


Mxrk said...

So...if I kill you, it's mine?

Insignificant Wrangler said...

I got mine thru GameStop (via Find a Wi). I had to buy a package, but even with shipping and handling it worked out to be about what you would pay in a store.

I liked GameStop's package because it comes with an extra controller, extra nunchuck, 1 GB memory card, old school controller, Zelda and strategy guide. The only things it came with that I didn't really want is the Prince of Persia game (haven't opened it yet) and a 2000 point Wii store card (don't have mine hooked up to the internet yet, so this isn't really helpful).

Altogether I paid 550$, which is still cheaper than just a PS3 console. And Zelda is pretty cool. Meg likes the Wii Sports boxing--its a good cardio workout (although she played for an hour last night and now is having trouble raising her arms...)

Criss said...

I bought the Wii on ebay like all the other sheep. At least it came in time for Xmas =)

Casey said...

My brother and I are exchanging XBOX 360s for our wedding gifts this summer, choosing video-games-sitting-down over the Wii.

Wii seems to me totally awesome as a party favor, but a little annoying when what you really need is a mindless zen experience just before falling asleep on the couch with an open bottle of Diet Coke and a half-eaten bag of potato chips.

mcsant said...

Probably too late for a reply, but: depends on the game Casey-- Tiger Woods Golf is a bit of a workout. But Zelda is mind-numbing good fun while sitting on your butt. You occasionally shake your arms like crazy, and you have to point the controller at the screen when you want to aim your bow or boomerang.

But its quite cool. As a hardcore PS2 fan, so far the move to Nintendo is fun. I'm looking forward to Res 4 coming out for the Wii, to Metriod, and hoping that the popularity of the Wii might lead to a good RPG for the system. I'm hoping the Wii will entertain me for a year or two when I'll pick up a PS3 (just in time for God of War 3 or Resident Evil 5)