I didn't make this...

...but my students did. Here's the winning project from my "Project Website" design challenge this past semester: a new Indiana Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster site. Six groups of students redesigned and coded the website of a local non-profit organization. The organization then selected their favorite design. All the pages should validate as XHTML and CSS (making the web that much more sustainable, semantic, and accessible one page at a time).

the new invoad homepage, a dark gray background with bright green headers and buttons

I got the idea for this project from Jeremy Tirrell and am incredibly pleased at how well it worked out. It reaffirms my faith that designers / coders of any level can produce 1.0 Strict compliant sites with just minimal training--all six groups produced sites up to code. And, although I'm not sure this design screams disaster relief, it does demonstrate how standards-compliant coding doesn't have to sacrifice aesthetics. Can't wait to do this one again next spring!

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