Sorry so sloppy

But I'm in the middle of an (obvious) redesign, something inline with my homepage. The blogger templates use a pretty heavy amount of divs, so its a nice little rubix cube puzzle.

Time to go play with margins and padding.

UPDATE: No idea why Blogger is putting in such large breaks between paragraphs. Yup, its kinda driving me crazy. I've zeroed just about everything out, tried some other selectors, and yelling at my screen. Might have to sleep on this one.

UPDATE on the UPDATE: Apparently, the paragraph spacing isn't entirely generated through the CSS, it also depends on whether you have your line breaks set to auto-space. I did. Now I don't. Now I have to back through the code and increase the spacing a bit.

Yet another UPDATE: Think I've worked out my margin and padding issues--now I have a typography decision. My regular site uses a small px Gil Sans MT. Apparently, blogger doesn't like that idea. I must say, I am growing accustomed to the Trebuchet MS. Decisions.


Wishydig said...

I like the similarity to your other page. This is a nice way to speak with a consistent voice.

Insignificant Wrangler said...

Thanks. The only thing I have to watch out for is how much "traffic" using these background images causes my other site--I don't think it will be too heavy a load on the server (its not like I'm getting hundreds of hits a day!)

Playing with the HTML / CSS isn't too hard, but it isn't for beginers either. I don't know how much customization I'll encourage in the 106 classes-- it will probably depend on our students (duh).

Wishydig said...

Have you tried saving the images in an extra "images" post.

For all the images on my blog I've saved them into a post that isn't published. There are some extra steps necessary if you're using a new template, but it's pretty easy.

Insignificant Wrangler said...

Great idea!!! No, I hadn't thought of that--but that would but all the traffic back on to Blogger.

Wishydig said...

If you try it and something isn't working let me know. Sometimes the pictures don't show up because you need to tweak the url.