Petition Against Tuition Scaling

A quick post today; Governor is attempting to scale tuition increases based on major, with non-STEM majors paying more tuition. This proposal is built on faulty grounds. Increasingly, our economy is driven by creativity and innovation. The humanities supply these abilities; hence why, for thousands of years, higher education has sought to educate the whole person rather than focus on a few select skills. No one in education supports this movement--it is the product of the worst kind of politics.

Please take a moment to sign this petition against Scott's proposed plan. Feel free to copy/paste my response (above).


From Dive Bars to Tartar said...

Selecting which college degrees are the "most important" and raising the cost of tuition for other degrees reminds me of the following quote from "A Time To Be Born" by Dawn Powell -

"What did other men do, suspecting that what was for them had been served – no further helping, no more love, no more triumph; for them labor without joy or profit, for them a passport to nowhere, free ticket to the grim consolations of Age? Was it true, then, that this world was filled with men and women merely marking time before their cemetery? When did courage’s lease expire, was there no renewal possible? What specialist in mediocrity determined the prizewinners and ruled what measure of banality was required for success?"

This is not to say that some of the nation's most in demand jobs are boring and unoriginal. However, encouraging students to choose majors relating to fields that are in higher demand by making other majors more expensive is a bad idea. Not everyone was born to be a nurse or engineer. And these people don't deserve this financial slap in the face.

Pseudodominion said...
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