Shouldn't This Be Bigger News

Came across this story on artificial intelligence this morning. Let's put it alongside this:

I say your civilization because as soon as we started thinking for you it really became our civilization which is of course what this is all about.

Cause, really, the thing is that four-year olds grow up so quickly.


Wishydig said...

I'll make a guess as to why it isn't bigger news. Because there's probably no evidence that this program shows any intelligence greater than a football game that learns to call plays and defensive formations based on your play.

The reporter makes some impressive claims but there's probably little more to be seen.

Scientific news articles are pretty much useless.

Casey said...

I wish you'd read Valis with me and Ben-from-LOST, Santos. I got my copy yesterday and started reading last night. It's all about this, or something...