Another Reason to Love the Interweb

So this obnoxious sports writer, Kevin Hench of Fox Sports, writes a weekly Hit List in which he takes shots at athletes swirling the drain. This past week, he made disparaging comments on Tampa Bay Ray's outfielder Rocco Baldelli, essentially arguing that Baldelli was faking an injury and was wasting his talent. Except Hench must have missed the press conference in which Baldelli explains that he has a as-of-yet unidentified life threatening illness that might end his career.

Well, a few Baldelli fans told Hench to go fuck himself. Then they sent the story to FireJoeMorgan.com, a site dedicated to exposing terrible sports journalism. Let me rephrase: an extremely popular site dedicated to exposing terrible sports journalism. So then a lot of FJM's readers went to the Fox Sports site and proceeded to tell Hench what a douche-bag he is. Some of us... er... them, went as far as to create accounts so we could post our complaints (which probably ensures that Fox won't fire Hench, since he's driving up the traffic). Still, there's nothing quite like a bunch of people coming together to tell some loud mouth asshole that he is, undoubtedly, a loud mouth asshole. Here's my favorite comments:

Hey, everybody needs to step back and appreciate what Hench has done here. It is very rare that every single comment says the same thing...usually there is one comment that says everyone needs to get a sense of humor; but luckily this is such a piece of BLEEP that it is unanimous that Hench is an BLEEP -clown. For that I say, thank you Hench for being so moronic.


Nice article, Hench. I'd love to read your takes on Andres Galarraga's "cancer" and Mario Lemieux's "non-Hodgkins lymphoma." You are either incredibly insensitive or plain uninformed and are therefore either a d-bag or a hack


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cbd said...

"Blame the victim" is all too common in sports culture---but it's easy to understand why, since "I'm a victim" is equally common.

I wish the response regarding Kevin van Impe, the cyclist asked to submit to a drug test---right in the middle of planning his infant sons' funeral---was as vocal and unified.

Casey said...

Who knew Rocco Baldelli had fans?