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Everything moves a bit too fast for me to offer any meaningful reflection on fatherhood. While I don't recognize any substantial changes so far, I'm sure they're there. Favorite thing: any smile. Smiles usually signify gas, but you don't really care why she's smiling. I can't describe what an awesome and inspiring feeling that gives. Least favorite thing: crying. The nurses in the hospital even noted that our baby is, um, loud. Quite loud. And she has no quams about vocalizing her displeasure. Sometimes you can do something about it: (have your wife) feed her, change her diaper, burp her. Other times its just gas, and there's nothing you can do but wait it out. Difficult.

Here's a list of things I would like to write more about but don't have time:

  • I don't think any other sport has something as magical as a no-hitter. Awesome. Congrats to Buckholtz. I'm already wondering whether Schilling will make the playoff rotation...
    And, Jerry, not only was it a curve ball, it was a paralyzing curve ball. Awesome
  • I can't blame Rodney Harrison for using HGH given his condition (he blew every ligament in his knee last season). If I had an accident, and my brain was broken, and I could take a pill to fix it, except RSA ruled that any rhetorician using this pill would take a one semester ban even though doctors often prescribed this pill to "civilians" with the same condition, then, yeah, I would take the pill. See you in a month, Rodney.
  • Metriod 3 Prime Corruption is out for Wii, and it is very good. There's quite a few difficult puzzles in the game, and less firefighting than I expected. One complaint: boss battles, though cool, tend to last a bit too long and grow tedious. Other than that, a very cool game that plays well with the Wii's controls. My second favorite game for the system, slightly ahead of Zelda and behind Res4
  • Found this article on adaptive artificial intelligence on l. today, a new robot that "teaches" itself to walk and can adapt to changes made to its body. The video reminds me of E.D-209 from Robocop.

Well, that's about all for today. I'm enjoying a relaxing holiday weekend before things get crazy... tomorrow.


Wishydig said...

I don't think any other sport has something as magical as a no-hitter.

Hockey does. It's called a hockey game.

Casey said...

Are they still playing hockey somewhere?

"Brian" said...

I felt really sorry for that robot.