Class notes, tech day, week five

Today we are going to work on integrating you a bit more into your online community. So, we're going to use del.icio.us to explore your community.

  1. Log into your del.icio.us account. Make sure you have your "post to del.icio.us" or "tag" button (we'll be using that one today).
  2. Next, I want you to add me to your network, this way you can see what I'm posting, and I can see what you're posting.

Next, we're going to do some Google searching for good blogs, well, great ones actually. I want you to find five to seven resources in your area--at least four of which are blogs. As you find them, post them to del.icio.us.

Once we have a collection of sites, we're going to set up Google Reader accounts. Google reader is a kind of RSS feed. This will help you to see when your blogs are putting up new posts.

Using these technologies should help you generate ideas for posts and to integrate yourself in the community. You can always link to a story, offer a paragraph of summary, and then give some analysis / reaction--this is what many blogs do (and what Johnson was referring to with his rainforest metaphor).

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