Smartest 4th Graders Ever....(Sorta)

As the NY Times reported yesterday, the 2005 NAEP scores are out--and Mass is kicking ass. Woo Hoo! Go home state!! WOO HOO!!!! (Shouldn't academics get some of that sports-passion?).

For 4th graders on reading evaluation, Mass has the toughest state standards for proficiency (although, um, we also have one of the lowest passing rates... what's this whole "interpret the numbers" thing). Given how much more difficult their test is compared to other states, it looks like Mass is near the top of the pack. Conn is also putting up good numbers.

For 4th grade math, Mass comes in second in terms of difficulty (South Carolina comes in first 305 to 301), but Mass passes 42% of students compared to SC's 24%).

For reasons I couldn't determine, Mass reading scores for 8th graders weren't included in the study--I wonder if this is because of the MCAS tests (perhaps Mass doesn't participate in any other national tests since they have such a rigidly structured in-state standardized testing program). In terms of 8th grade math, Mass slips to 3rd in standards. But who cares about math? Show me the reading!!!

As far as my current state, Hooiser nation, its average in reading, but WAAAAAAAAAY low in mathematics. In an effort of cultural fairness, they should recalibrate the math word questions in the form of NASCAR:

If Jeff Gordon has 1 gallon of gas remaining and eight laps left at the Brickyard, should he pit?

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