Help Save the Music

Today is a "Day of Silence" for internet radio, the SaveNetRadio Coalition is encouraging all internet radio stations to go silent for one day in protest of the extreme rate hikes expected to go into effect July 15th. Although I don't listen to internet radio, I see this as a crisis. This rate hike would kill off many, if not the majority, of internet radio stations. This would be a major blow for the "many-to-many" dynamic of the internet and would move us toward a centralized, command and control media online. Boo. Read/Write web has a nice summation of the issue.

A few months ago I signed a few digital petitions and emailed my congressmen, now it seems its time to up the ante. The coalition is asking everyone to call their congressman in support of net radio, specifically to endorse the "Internet Radio Equality Act," which would have internet radio stations share the same amount of profits as satellite radio stations already do (7.5%).

Please help save the net.

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