Fall 2011 Reading Lists

I was doing so well posting here. I even got a comment from Dave Weinberger. And then last week happened.

I spent most of today finishing my syllabi for the fall and submitting my book orders. Here's how my two classes shape up:

Historical Rhetorics

  • Week One (summer reading, discussed week one): Gorgias, Republic VII
  • Week Two: Phaedrus, ???
  • Week Three – Aristotle’s Rhetoric, Book 1-2
  • Week Four – Aristotle's Rhetoric, Book 3, Isocrates' "Against the Sophists"
  • Week Five – Isocrates' Antidosis w/ Welch "An Isocratic Literary Theory" and Vitanza “Isocrates, the Padeia, and Imperialism”
  • Week Six - Paper Day #1
  • Week Seven - Gorgias / Protagoras, Dissoi Logoi, Plato's Timaeus (w/ Ulmer, Heuretics 61-78; Schiappa “Toward an Understanding…” 64-85)
  • Week Eight - Vitanza (chapters 1, Ex. 6) / Jarratt (all of Rereading the Sophists) / Poulakous “Toward a Sophistic Definition of Rhetoric”
  • Week Nine - McComiskey (chapters 1 and 2) / Consigny (Chapters 4, 5, and 6)
  • Paper Day #2
  • Week Eleven – Cicero (De Oratore, Book 1 and 3)
  • Week Twelve – Quintilian (from books 1, 2, and 10) / Lanham, “The Q Question”
  • Week Thirteen - Augustine's On Christian Teaching
  • Week Fourteen - Ong's Ramus, Method, and the Decay of Dialogue
  • Week Fifteen - Grassi's Rhetoric and Philosophy (w/ Proctor on Petrarch)
  • Week Sixteen - Paper Day #3

Yup. That's a lot of reading.

Last time I taught the course, I concluded with Locke and Campbell, Whatley, and Blair, to give some frame of the Enlightenment's disparagement of rhetoric (and its later emphasis on rhetoric as style). But I think Ong's explication of Ramus does that sufficiently; this time I want to dig into the humanist rejection of Cicero's "civic obligation" as our concluding note.

New Media

My undergrad students will read four books next semester:

  • Kalman, Maria. And The Pursuit of Happiness 1594202672
  • Stolley, Karl. How to Design and Write Web Pages Today 0313380384
  • Weinberger, David. Everything is Miscellaneous 0805088113
  • Ulmer, Gregory L. Internet Invention 0321126920

I've already read everything here. This will be my first time teaching Weinberger, but I think it will compliment our New Media Wiki project nicely.

So that's what I am reading this fall--what are others looking forward to?

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