Its Crap

Today I learned that a friend from grad school--a dedicated high school teacher--lost his job yesterday, along with about 80 other teachers, when his town voted against a tax increase.

To echo David Harvey's conclusion to his RSAnimate talk, "its crap."

We cannot sit by and accept an economy and government that increasingly stratifies wealth. As I have written before, no one earns a billion dollars (or even a million dollars) in isolation. Please endorse the sharing of wealth as a fundamental human value. Every human being on this planet should deserve a chance at food, healthcare, and education more than particular individuals deserve the right to earn billions of dollars.


WIN METHOD said...

CRAP is anyone trying to take money that someone else has earned. If you do not make enough money, work harder, get another job, use your brain. Do something, but do not whine, cry, of snivel about someone who has earned, is earning, or will earn money because of their talent, ability and or work ethic and or good fortune, aka luck.

Insignificant Wrangler said...

@Win- that's a bit too simplistic a solution. The American economy doesn't currently make available enough jobs for everyone. The shift from a production economy to a knowledge economy supplies far fewer possibilities for advancement. Those of us who have worked hard and used are brains should acknowledge this. Our continued prosperity is, at least partially, connected to everyone in the system.

Insignificant Wrangler said...

@Win - I'm a pretty big baseball fan, so I read your blog for a bit. Then I searched for the WIN METHOD in Google. I like how even other Yankee fans think you are ridiculous.

Thanks for visiting.

Keverlee said...

Three things:
1) I heart you.
2) What are we going to do about Casey?
3) Please say hello to your lovely ladies for me.
That is all.