Congrats to the Black Mask

I have a feeling things might grow silent over at Both Wearing Black Masks (are there three masks now?), so I thought I would try to commune with the spirits that reside there and throw up a thoughtful post.

What would Casey do?

How about Emerson:

Women are, by this and their social influence, the civilizers of mankind. What is civilization? I answer, the power of good women.

I hope this doesn't offend contemporary sensibilities. I guess Casey wouldn't care.

Congrats, Dad.


pure_sophist_monster said...

Here Here!

Mark said...

You know, if you guys don't stop having babies, you're going to go blind.

Casey said...

Back to masturbation for a while for me, Mark.

Offending contemporary sensibilities is how I know what to do next. :)

So, separate spheres, huh? That's always interesting. But it seems to me that we're just idly theorizing until there's a significant cultural movement toward "re-domesticated" womanhood. I know you can find that in bass-ackwards Southern Baptist communities or something, but it'll only be interesting when it comes from the cutting edge of "liberal" culture, right?

But I wouldn't be disappointed if my daughter grew up to raise seven children to be decent human beings. In fact, I would encourage her to take that path as opposed to a menial paper-pushing desk job career or something.

But then, Emerson's "by this" is "by woman's proficiency in conversation," and given our awesome exchanges, I'm not willing to admit that women have it over us in the ability-to-conversate category.

I mean, have you seen "Pretty Wild?"