4:37 Worth Your Time

Granted, it might be because our daughter is undergoing ridiculously expensive medical treatments, or that, over the last year, my wife and I have seen first hand how insurance companies and hospitals work over err... with...err... people. But watch this:

I'm not saying that there's not some holes in the arguments. But, I am saying that anyone who has had to battle insurance companies can testify to their rigorous (dare I say sophistic) measures.


Casey said...

Man, I gotta say... this makes sense.

Of course, so does this:

Click and watch the video.

I guess it would be too predictable to just blame this on Rhetoric, huh? But clearly somebody's lying (or wrong) here, and that makes me want to underline my distrust of "the politics of complexity."

Anyway, as I said at F.B. -- reform seems necessary, so whatever.

Paul said...

As what you would call a "hard-core conservative" I have a problem with health care reform as it is presented now. I read an article in a recent Rolling Stone which exposed the problems with what is currently on the table.

As liberal is it is, I'm in favor of a single payer system. Everyone pays a certain percent of their income in taxes and then everyone is covered. Of course their are some problems such as people who don't pay taxes but no system is going to be perfect.

The importance of health care reform has come to the forefront esp. now as people are losing their jobs and losing the insurance benefits that went with those jobs.

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