Catching Up

Wow, has it been this long since I posted? A few quick thoughts before I head out to teach:

  • Rowan's MRI was clear--this is very good news. Retinoblastoma patients have a high chance to develop other forms of cancer, especially in the first two years. She will continue to get periodic exams, but we are encouraged that she is now cancer free.
  • CCCC's in San Fran was a great time. I saw a few really spectacular panels (more on this later). My own panel went well, although we ran short on time and I had to cut quite a bit from my presentation. Sometime this week I need to carve out time to send emails to all the people I talked to last week.
  • My parents are in town this week (and last week). Meg and I were able to take a short honeymoon trip down to Sarasota for a few nights. One experience urged us to start a food blog (more on this coming this weekend).
  • I am sad to learn that blogs are dead, but must respect the validity of the source. Perhaps someday, in a distant future, humans will evolve into a species capable of caring. Here's to hope and the future.

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bizzle8874 said...

I am glad to hear that Rowan's scans were clean. I will continue to pray for her. Also glad to hear you got away for a few days too. I needed a mini-vacation and I can only imagine how much you needed one dealing with all you've had to.