Complaining as Art

I laughed so hard reading this letter to the president of Virgin airlines that people looked at me funny as they walked by my office. Totally worth it. Rumor has it the airline has offered him a job in culinary quality control. (via Coudal).


EnthyAlias said...

Note to self: pack a lunch if I fly Virgin. Because I don't think I could sustain an in-depth and entertaining complaint letter like this.

actnaturally11 said...

While, this passenger makes some very good points that are well documented and accompanied by evidence through clear pictures, I am most amused by his use of the name Richard. He states it twelve times, I believe, in the matter of one letter. It only seems to resemble the act of rubbing one’s face in one’s own poo. Like a pet owner taking their dog fluffy and putting his nose to the mess he left on the bedroom floor and saying, “ Did you do that Fluffy? Do you know what you did Fluffy? You are not supposed to do that Fluffy, are you? Don’t you think you have been a bad dog Fluffy? You have ruined the carpet Fluffy!”