Tour of the Internets

Here's a work in progress. Next semester I am giving my students a tour of the internet early in our digital citizenship course. Please feel free to make suggestions in the comments.

General Resources for starting a blog-type thingie

Art Traditional and Digital

Cool Hunting


Finance / Business

Video Games

  • Penny Arcade, some of the most disorienting writing on the web... but everyone in the video game community is aware of these guys
  • Slash.dot and engadget have robust forums dedicated to games
  • joystiq
  • games for lunch
  • dasgamer
  • major nelson, x-box insider and microsoft employee


Comics and Funnies

Entertainment / Pop culture

Professional Trolling / Punking / Debunking




Smart People Writing Smart Things


imolloy said...

I think some social bookmarking / aggregation sites would also be worth adding:

reddit, digg, delicious, etc.

These, however, require snopes be added to the list.

Gretchen Pratt said...

Aren't you forgetting the whole point of the internet?--porn? I suggest starting light with persiankitty.com

Insignificant Wrangler said...

I do have the reverse cowgirl for those who like political controversy with their sex...

Steve Hill said...

Considering the enormous participation fantasy leagues have, I'd be inclined to include a subsequent mention during a discussion of sports and the internet.

Insignificant Wrangler said...

imolloy--good ideas, we have been using delicious in class, so they have some experience with that. We are also using Technorati.

Steve--good point, thanks. I realized the sports section is a bit light...