Rowan Update

We're down in Miami for chemo visit number 3. Everything with Rowan's cancer looks good--her tumor reduced to the point that she didn't even require preliminary laser treatment this time. She will lose her eye during our next visit, November 14th.

I can't say it gets any easier, necessarily, to do this, although we have developed a sense of what to expect--essentially we're better at coping. Cancer is difficult; you leave pieces of yourself all over the place--in waiting rooms, along the side of the road in traffic jams, in the grocery store while searching for good string cheese. As the disease grows, you fragment. But, luckily, you meet other people who give you replacement parts in the form of kindness and concern. Thanks to all of those people who help us hold it together.

And can you believe the Sox came back from 7-0 in the 7th? Crazy.

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mcsant said...

Marc wrote this after leaving the hospital. He is my rock while I can't say I have been the easiest to deal with this time. In many ways this time has almost been the hardest for me. Well there was the first time, that was really hard, but now is when our count down begins. That is really hard-four more weeks. I am having a hard time, but realize I am lucky we are all in this together even though the control freak in me is probably driving Marc crazy.

To Marc: I know I am lucky you love me through all my neuroses. Rowan is lucky too. You are the best da da da deee.

Well I better sleep while I can. It won't be long till another stat check, beeping machine, or barfing kid wakes her up again.