Breaking Radio Silence

I am alive and in Florida. I've been away from my digital life for awhile now- ignoring my email and rss feeds in favor of the new house, state, and job. Red tape is fun. Seriously. But now I have a new I.D. card, computer account (still having trouble w/ my new email), and parking pass (more difficult than it sounds).

While adjusting to Florida in late July is something akin to adjusting to living on the surface of Mercury, I am warming up (har, har) to the new surroundings. The blueness of the sky, proximity of water, and intense sunshine remind me of the summers I spent on Cape Cod as a kid. Rowan enjoys are almost nightly swims in the community pool. I enjoyed the trip to the Banana Republic to buy new clothes for the new job.

So far everyone in the department is really nice and helpful- I have a great office with a window and a view of green things. Pleasant. I'll be teaching two sections of an upper division expository writing class in the Fall, rehashing the Constructing the University syllabus I ran with Rythaniel a few years back. I am tied down to using a textbook, Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum, but it doesn't look too painful and I think I can adjust. I've got the course website half done- I'll throw up a link later this week.

So, to all of you waiting to hear from my, I'll check my email sometime tomorrow. Hope all your summers are going well.


Wishydig said...

Oh man. Work clothes from Banana Republic?

We let you out too soon.

Insignificant Wrangler said...

Its Florida. Its hot. There's a better chance of me going to work in a bathing suit than... well, you get it.

EnthyAlias said...

Glad you made it. And I hear you on all counts: stifling heat, ID cards, and parking.

But I don't have a window in my office. :(

Working on my own upper division expos course (creatively called "Essay Writing") and riffing off my 106 curriculum as well. Purdue really is ahead of the game, isn't it?

Welcome back to the web ...

EnthyAlias said...

P.S. I addressed you directly in one my blog posts when you were incommunicado on the death of the literary mind affected by Web 2.0. Thought you might be interested in the article I referenced.