I Am Legend


I give a big thumbs up to Warner Bros. marketing department for not giving anything away in their commercials. I hadn't read the book, so it was fresh to me. This is the best movie I've seen in a theater in quite a long time; if you have two hours, steal away and see it.


Movie Buff 11:11 said...

I also really enjoyed the movie, but with one suggestion...LESS CGI...the CGI really took something away from the movie, I would have liked a more live action approach...Example---28 Days Later

Insignificant Wrangler said...

Yeah, even good CGI is still CGI. It wasn't Matrix Revolutions bad, but it is probably the weakest part of the film.

Headphones_on said...

I didn't really have a problem with the CGI.

I thought it was an excellent movie until the ending. It seemed not that thought out, it just all of a sudden ended. There were a couple things that went unanswered that were never explained either.

Insignificant Wrangler said...


Yes, the end is pretty sudden. I thought there was a lot that could have been explored more (especially the dynamic of how the "monster" would react to his cured lover).

But, in another way, the suddenness of the ending adds a bit to the movie. The ending moves too fast to be predictable and lends a kind of urgency to the conclusion