All Hail the Queen

At 7:39, Monday August 20th, Meg gave birth to Rowan Margaret. Words are insufficient. First, some pics from about 10 minutes after she was born:

Next, some pics from late Tuesday morning (15 hours old). Up first, a stunning shot I call "Fingers find mouth":

Next, an up close shot titled "Fingers remain in mouth--sleepy":

My personal favorite: "I might get fussy":

And, of course, "Rowan asserts her presence":



Emily said...

She is beautiful!! We can't wait to meet her. Take more pics and post them! I'm very proud of Meg's drug-free delivery and amazed that Marc is still conscious and could post this tonight. I figured Marc would be a wreck in a bed next to Meg as she delivered with the pushing and blood and umbilical cord... ;)

Monica said...

Wow . . . beautiful . . . congratulations!

Wishydig said...


Katherine said...

Rowan Margaret is beautiful. Vivian is thrilled to have a playmate! And Megan is so brave to do it all naturally... I couldn't do it!

claffey said...

We are so proud of you guys! You brought some new sunshine into our lives. Can't wait to meet Rowan!

Jeff said...

Congrats! Welcome to baby world.

Stefania said...

Congratulations. She is really beautiful. Send my love to Meg. Hope you guys head this way soon so we can meet her!

Jenny said...

It's a great thing. Enjoy!